Are you having a hard time deciding which type of flooring you should get for your home with children?

Well, with the many flooring choices that are out there, it’s totally understandable why you’re struggling when it comes to picking the right one. While floor options such as laminate flooring, vinyl and bamboo flooring are popular in their own right, there’s no denying that carpet, tile and hardwood floors are a step above them. So, to make things a little bit easier for you, let’s go through the pros and cons of these 3 popular flooring types, which you can also browse through on popular flooring  websites.

  1.  Hardwood Timber Flooring

Pros: Hardwood floors are a great investment to homes because they have an excellent resale value. Aside from that, this type of flooring can easily be cleaned, is very durable, has the ability to insulate a home and looks pretty nice. In addition to all of its amazing attributes, hardwood floors are also available in different types of finishes and materials, creating a lot of design options for homeowners such as you.

Cons: Hardwood floors are typically expensive to buy and install, because this flooring type is known for being made of quality materials. But despite its known durability, hardwood flooring can be ruined or stained by standing water and other liquids.

 2.  Carpet

Pros: Carpet is a versatile kind of flooring that adds a soft, warm look to any room and feels soft on anyone’s feet. The many beautiful and diverse carpet choices that exist in the market makes it very easy for both homeowners and interior designers to complement or improve a room’s overall style. Also, carpets require very little time and effort to install.

Cons: The vulnerability of carpets against stains is perhaps its biggest weakness, even with the recent advancements in fibre technology. And when a carpet gets stained, cleaning and removing it can be difficult at times. Lastly, because of its tendency to accumulate dust and other allergens, carpet is not that friendly to people who have allergies.

 3.  Tiles

Tile flooring and childrenPros: Tile is an excellent flooring option for anything from bedrooms to bathrooms. Tile floors are generally durable, but the types that stand out the most when it comes to sturdiness are mosaic, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Other than that, tile flooring is easy to maintain, moisture resistant, and visually appealing. Additionally, the diversity of tiles is one of the flooring type’s strongest qualities, as they are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes, designs, and textures to fit anyone’s taste.

Cons: Tiles adapt to the temperature in your home, which means that they can get cold during colder weather. There are heating systems for tile floors, but they are typically expensive. When it comes to repairs, a cracked tile can be very difficult and costly to fix. And while tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, their grout lines are vulnerable to mildew build-up and stains that can be tough to clean.

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