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Have you recently purchased a couple of new rugs and thinking of throwing away an old rug that you have purchased in the past?

Stop… as a lover of art and a creative graphic design company I can tell you retro art and retro rugs may be centred on designs of the past but it is completely in style today. 

Below I have put together a few tips on how to re-purpose them into something not only creative but also useful.

  1. Turn it into a doormat

If you have an old rug that is sizeable enough to be cut into the shape of a standard-sized doormat, then this idea is perfect for you! Whatever the rug type, it will look natural and wonderful when placed on your front doorstep, you can cut these down to size and stop it threading by painting around the edge of your new area of with glue. 

  • Place it under a pet bowl

Old rugs make for a nice pet bowl “coaster” that keeps water spills away from your precious floors. Whether you have dogs or cats, cut an old rug to the right size and place one under every pet bowl in your home.

  • Move it outside

Outdoor rugs are in style. An old rug that once graced your interiors can also be moved outside to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. This trick only works if you place the old rugs in strategic spots, like nearby outdoor furnishings or along with entry points.

  • Hang it on a wall

Old, colourful rugs with lovely patterns can act as a beautiful DIY wall hanging the decoration on a large and empty wall. Wall hangings are underrated as a decorative feature in an interior, and the impact they can add to a room is something that everyone will notice.

  • Turn it into a tote bag

Turning an old rug of yours into a super useful tote bag is a clever way to make use of something that was once considered useless. If you’re worried about its appearance, don’t be, because DIY rag rug tote bags are so stylish and can work on nearly any outfit.

  • Use it to reupholster a chair

Do you have an old chair around your living area that is long overdue for an update? Use your old rug to reupholster it! Just be sure to thoroughly clean your rug before. Old rugs with stylish prints are the perfect candidates for reupholstering chairs.

Retro Chairs
  • Make coaster cut-outs out of it

Turning old rugs into coasters are not only creative but can make a statement. Interior decorators are always looking for unique ideas and this is one that cannot be bought in a shop. You can cut the rug coaster into the shape of your choice, be it square, round or a logo. You can also dye the rug before making coaster cut-outs.

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