We were discussing with a public speaking classes Sydney coach that generally schools that teach public speaking for kids don’t include speech writing in their curriculum, so it’s mostly up to the student to find out how to write a great speech that engages a crowd.

Being able to write and deliver a speech or speak in front of an audience is such a powerful tool that we have decided to assist with those struggling with speech writing by putting a short article together with tips from pros to assist students on how to write an excellent speech and engage an audience.

1.  Select Your Main Points of the Topic Carefully

According to extensive tests immediately after the average person has listened to someone talk, they remember only about half of what they have heard—no matter how carefully they thought they were listening.  For this reason, you should do your best to not overload your speech with ideas. Rather, you should limit the number to two or three points for short speech, not more than five for long speech and focus on building powerful points around them.

2.  Write The Same Way You Talk

When a speech sounds natural and conversational, it sounds better to the ears of your audience, regardless if they’re actually interested about the topic or not. In order for you to write a piece that’s naturally conversational, always remember to use short sentences and contractions – and to never use big words that you wouldn’t really use when talking to somebody.  Also, the rules of written English grammar are not necessary for a great speech, because normal people who engage in normal conversations don’t always talk in complete, grammatically correct sentences.

3.  Include Concrete Details

Keeping your audience interested throughout your speech is difficult, but inserting concrete details in your speech are going to help pique and maintain their interest. For example: saying “We need more engaging after school programs to increase moral values for fellow students” is simply better than saying “Non-scholastic activities for the youth’s moral development are in short supply”.

4.  Get Your Facts Straight

If you want your audience to believe that you know what you’re talking about, you need to do a good amount of research on the facts. This will give your speech more substance and assist in confidence when delivering your speech.  For example, you’re going to boldly say that something is that way for a particular reason, you will have to back that statement up with facts after saying it to your audience.

5.  Persuade Your Audience

A speech that doesn’t persuade the audience is a poorly written one. If you want to write a great speech that can deliver a decent level of persuasion to even the most inflexible minds, use the classical “Problem-Solution” structure by stating the problem in the first part of your speech and laying out the solution in the second part.

6.  Shorten Your Speech

Sometimes, simplifying your speech by cutting words can make your arguments clearer and your speech better. But don’t try to cut words off of your speech while you’re writing it as you can reduce its overall quality, rather do the necessary edits once the first draft of your speech has been finished.

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