Going from vacation back to school can be a difficult transition for both children and parents. So we have put together some of the best back-to-school tips from other parents that help make this time smoother.

Establish or Re establish sleep patterns

While enjoying the sunshine and not having a schedule, regular sleep is something that many children don’t have during vacation time. But when your child’s irregular sleeping habit remains uncorrected when school starts, it can hinder your child’s ability to perform well at school both socially and academically. Before the first day of school begins, it’s important to re-establish normal sleep patterns so that your child will be able to reach and maintain peak performance during school days. Remember that consistency is the key with this one, so try your hardest to maintain it throughout the entire school year.

Re-set good study habits

When vacation hits, some children tend to forget the study habits that were developed during the previous school year. Re-set your children’s study habits by supervising their computer and Internet use during the first couple of weeks back at school encouraging them to study first or do their homework before playing. You can also help them create a schedule or routine for maximum learning. Encourage their efforts to study by creating an environment that promotes learning and is free of distractions. Once good study habits are developed and maintained, there’s no need to deprive your kids of their gaming or social media privileges. 

Condition their minds

Similar to physical sports where an athlete needs to train and prepare for the upcoming season through practice sessions and exhibition games, your kids also need to warm up their brains for the upcoming school year. You can do this by revisiting in advance (at least several days prior to the first day of school) the basics of important subjects like reading, writing and math. If the school provides the textbooks in advance, tackle the first few chapters so your kids can shake off the rust, exercise their brains, and come in prepared for the upcoming academic year. It’s also important to remember that unlike reading and writing, a child’s math skills tend to weaken when not practised and applied for a period of time. Put an emphasis on having your child revisit the previous year’s math basics so you can help condition their minds and help them get back to speed.

Labelling school items

Labelling school items can not only save you from a great deal of stress and money but can also help with the upcoming transition to school.
Losing or misplacing belongings at school is fairly common. So instead of having to replace items or consoling your child because they have lost their favourite water bottle, put kids name labels on all of their valued belongings: from pencils and crayons to water bottles and lunch boxes to notebooks and books. While putting sticker labels doesn’t 100% guarantee that they won’t lose their stuff at school, it dramatically increases the probability that anything lost will be returned.

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