School holidays are the perfect time to go out and have fun. If you want to make the most out of this time here’s a list of productive activities that you can try out in Sydney:

Go for an Overnight Camp at the Centennial Parklands

Have you been playing a lot of Fortnite or Apex Legends lately? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with nature by going for an overnight camp at the Centennial Parklands. Spending too much time in front of your electronic devices can be very detrimental to your health, which is why doing this activity is a good idea. The Centennial Parklands’ Park After Dark is an authentic camping experience that showcases all of the best things about camping, including exchanging scary campfire stories and sleeping under the stars. Do yourself a favour by heading to this lovely 189-hectare space for an overnight camp.

Visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales


Satisfy your creative side by visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where an extensive collection of beautiful artworks are showcased on galleries and exhibitions. But if looking at fine pieces of art isn’t your thing, the Art Gallery of NSW also offers a selection of children’s art workshops that you can participate in during the school holiday break. These workshops can sharpen your creative skills and satisfy your artistic needs.

Check out the Powerhouse Museum

With free entry for kids 16 years and under, Powerhouse Museum is the perfect family destination for exploring the interactive side of arts and science. If you’re into science and you also happen to be a fan of Star Wars, then you’ll love the current exhibition, STAR WARS Identities – The Exhibition. This interactive exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum features around 200 original Star Wars objects that will surely bring out the geek in you. Apart from that, they also offer a range of workshops that are perfect for kids, including Star Wars Special Effects, littleBits Droid Inventor, and Cosplay Design Principles.

Play Mini-golf at the Pixar Putt

The Pixar Putt is a pop-up mini golf experience that is open until 11 May 2019. This Disney Pixar-themed mini-golf course offers 18 holes of pure fun and excitement, in which you can choose to play either a 9-hole or 18-hole round. And while you’re trying to putt your way to victory, you’ll constantly be greeted by the familiar faces of everyone’s favourite animated friends from Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Coco, among others.

Enrol in a School Holiday Program

Sydney School Holiday Programs are great to develop leadership, social and physical skills. You will learn about team building, working in groups and interacting with others in a different environment. The fear of public speaking is a very common phobia that is believed to affect a majority of the world’s population. It is also a phobia that may affect your school grades today and may hinder your career progression in the future. Sydney Speaking Schools offers is a student-centred public speaking school that aims to improve the speaking skills of the Australian youth through their Sydney public speaking classes and programs. If you want to get better at public speaking or remove your fear of it, they offer holiday programs that are suitable for students ages 6 to 15.

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