Is it your first time to have your home professionally cleaned by a cleaning company? If so, then you’re probably worried about what you should do to be more prepared for their upcoming visit. After all, being prepared will make the entire cleaning process smoother for both you and the professional cleaners.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for their visit:

  1. Communicate

Similar to what’s needed in a healthy relationship, clear communication is also the key when it comes to preparing your home for a cleaning visit. In order to avoid setbacks on the day of the cleaning, you should provide clear instructions of your expectations and priorities.  Most professional cleaning companies will set up an ongoing communication book particularly is you don’t expect to be home when the cleaning takes place, however on the first clean it is best to write a list for the cleaning or ask the questions over the phone.

If you are a NDIS participant make sure the cleaning company is a NDIS provider and registered for NDIS household tasks as not all cleaning companies are eligible.

Also, you should inform them before the first visit of any pets (if you have one) so they won’t be taken by surprise and they can bring the necessary house cleaning supplies that won’t harm your furry friend.

Lastly, ask them about the contents of their cleaning checklist so that you can avail a specific service if it’s not included in their main task list. For example, some cleaning businesses offer carpet cleaning or window cleaning as a separate service, both of which are highly sought-after services by property owners. By asking for the details of their checklist, you will be able to know whether there’s a need for you to specifically request a particular service or not. Again, clear communication is the key to avoid any confusion.

2.  Discuss any special requests or concerns

Professional Cleaner Checklist

While this one looks like it belongs in the first item, it actually doesn’t because special cleaning requests are different. Special cleaning requests include telling the cleaners to use eco-friendly cleaning supplies, asking them if they can also do lawn mowing work for you, and more. By discussing these to your cleaning service provider in advance, they would be able to come prepared to accommodate your special requests and needs.

As for the concerns, you should tell the cleaning operatives about any antique or fragile items in your home so that they would practice extreme caution when working around them.

3.  Remove all of the unnecessary clutter

If you want the house cleaners to be able to perform their job faster and efficiently, then you should remove any unnecessary clutter around your home, including dishes, toys, and paperwork. It sounds ironic but clean for the cleaner.  Now you might be thinking that removing clutter is the job of the cleaning operatives. But you’re wrong about that, because they are there to clean, not to organise. Unless, of course, they specifically mentioned that organising is included in the service you will be receiving, or if you made a special request for them to remove the clutter in your home.

4.  Put your valuables and private items in a safe place

While the operatives that professional cleaning companies send to their clients’ properties are usually honest and trustworthy, it’s still important for you to put private items and valuables away to prevent them from being damaged or lost during the cleaning visit. This preemptive measure will be great for the peace of mind of everyone who lives in your home.

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